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Hunkered down...

We've been eerily quiet around HKY4Vets the last couple of weeks.

Don't take our silence that we are dead & gone - or have suddenly grown disinterested.

When we go quiet to the outer world, it means (to quote the early 21st century philosopher, Eminem) "I been in the lab with a pen and a pad..."

We've been really hard at work the last many weeks trying to figure out things like budgets, realistic steps to perhaps scale back a strategy or two, marketing materials, possible staffing needs, applying for grants, talking with other communities about HKY4Vets, prepping presentations and talking with many software/service companies and marketing agencies about how some outside expertise would be beneficial to our efforts in the year(s) ahead.

We knew this time, after building a foundation for 2019 on our vision/mission and strategies, would be a time for staff to hunker down and do the work that will make the rest of it possible.

Unfortunately all that leaves little time to pop up and write a blog, or post something via Instagram (hence, why we are looking for some outside social media assistance :) ), or just do some of the more visible things that show this train is moving down the line.

So, thanks for putting up with our silence and understanding that this is being done intentionally and with some grand strategy underlying it all.

Oh, and hope to see many of you perhaps out next week as we provide an update on HKY4Vets to the Catawba County business community at the Future of Catawba County Summit. Unfortunately it is sold out - obviously to come hear about HKY4Vets.





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