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Veterans' Financial Literacy Guide - Birch Gold Group

Despite their service to our country, veterans often struggle to find financial security or stability upon their return to civilian life. Whether a veteran was enlisted for a few years or for their entire career, adjusting to life after service and learning how to successfully manage money as well as navigate debt can be challenging. Unfortunately, there is a very wide range of challenges veterans may face.


These challenges can result in financial mismanagement, both during service and immediately following, that can cost veterans. Paying off debt, fighting the effects of fraud, and trying to build up some savings can take many years, leaving veterans insufficiently prepared for and therefore vulnerable when they retire.


Birch Gold Group has assembled an extensive guide and resource directory to help veterans minimize debt and maximize savings so that they are well-positioned for retirement.


While this piece does not aim to provide any financial advice, it does aspire to share resources to connect veterans and their loved ones with professionals who can provide assistance or further information. It also might help introduce the names of some programs and services to guide further inquiry.

Veterans' Financial Literacy Guide - Birch Gold Group



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