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Our next WHHM Family Weekend & Hiring Event will be October 19-20, 2018.


Veteran & Spouse registration is expected to open August 15th.

To learn more or signup for updates, click here.


We are glad you found us and perhaps want to learn more about the Hickory Metro or how this community uniquely tries to assist veterans and their families transition from the military through our "Welcome Home, Hickory Metro" Weekends.

We understand that the transition for veterans and families back into the civilian world can be very a difficult and frustrating task.  Naturally, we all want to know what's the best next step for my family and I.


​​​​Our goal at "Welcome Home, Hickory Metro" is to make this transition easier - to provide you and your family a possible roadmap to a place you might one day call "home".

We invite you to learn more about our "Welcome Home" Weekends, what it's like to live in the Hickory Metro, as well ways this community is trying to become one of the most military-friendly communities in the United States.

"Catawba county's craft goes beyond making quality goods to making quality lives - from making things to making a difference"


"The quality of life is incredible here. What other rural community of 150,000 has their own art museum and a symphony"


"I decided as I was growing up that I could either leave or stay here and make a difference. There's something to be said for working to make the place you call home a better place for all"

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