Who would you want in your "foxhole"?

First, let me start by hoping and praying that you and your family are doing well and are staying safe during these very uncertain times. I hope so and I hope that continues.

So much has changed in one month – worlds have literally been turned upside-down in the span of just 30 days.

After the longest economic expansion in our country’s ENTIRE HISTORY, the economy appears teetering in multiple areas, with a downward spiral that seems to be impacting EVERY sector from your favorite diner to funeral homes. In the span of weeks, there are more K-6th graders learning through Zoom/Google Duo/etc. “virtual classes” than there are in school halls and uncomfortable desks right now. New terms have gone from just being coined – to being part of everyone’s everyday speech: “social distancing”, “flatten the curve”, and “community spread”. And we all do our best to “play” epidemiologist – maybe this will only be a month, or perhaps another two or all Summer….maybe a second or third wave will come around, just like the Spanish Flu in 1918. Hell, even gas is back below $1.50 at the convenience store closest to my house.

The change has been exponentially fast and very few of us have been prepared in any capacity for it.

Yet, early on in this month, I came across a LinkedIn post (Meghan Michael - Owner, HR Navigator) that caught my eye. It was a commentary on “Why Veterans Are Valuable During Any Crisis”. It made some great points that have rung true with me since and have offered yet another reason why our efforts to recruit and retain military families to our community can truly be impactful – beyond just needed top-caliber talent and population growth.

  1. Veterans are used to planning for the worst case scenarios…and flexing throughout the