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Better health, stronger relationships, steady employment and living with purpose – these are among the rewards of recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. The goal at is to help people reclaim their lives. It takes courage to get help for a substance abuse disorder, and addiction is not easy to overcome – especially alone.


Talk with them in confidence about what you’re going through. Or let them help your loved ones. Their professional, compassionate addiction counselors are available 24/7 to help you find the right care. That includes the latest, evidence-based treatment approaches and aftercare programs that give you the best chance for real recovery.


They provide free information to acclaimed rehab centers nationwide (top centers 10 in NC), and a wealth of resources on relapse and recovery.


Their site includes details on different types of addictions, expert articles and resource guides on topics like Suicide Amongst Veterans: Finding Hope In The Darkness, Female Veterans and Drug Addiction, Veterans Affairs (VA) Drug And Alcohol Treatment Programs + more.



  • Contact Information

    24/7 Availability. 100% Confidential.



    1-877-752-6506 to contact an Addiction Specialist



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