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Resource Center - Salvation Army

Emergency financial assistance with rent, mortgage, utilities, life threatening medications, food and clothing.


Crisis Help Center

The Emergency Assistance program with mortgages, rent, utilities, emergency food and donations of clothing and furniture through our offices in Hickory, Morganton, Granite Falls, Taylorsville, Marion, Boone and West Jefferson. Additionally, through this program people are able to stabilize their crisis situations and maintain self respect and dignity.


Shelter Of Hope

The Shelter of Hope is a safe and secure place for homeless men, women, and children to stay while their basic human needs are met. Residents receive two meals a day (breakfast and supper) and are provided with clean linens and all necessary personal hygiene products. Guidance and direction are given to each client toward transitional and permanent housing opportunities.


Family Stores

The Salvation Army of Hickory operates nine Family Stores in its service area. Each Family Store offers great new and slightly used clothing, household items, and other "stuff" that is "another man's treasure." Revenue generated in our Family Stores help provide the resources necessary to offer individuals in our community a "hand up."


Disaster Services

Disasters are not scheduled. Hurricanes, floods, fires, ice storms, tornadoes, and other natural events don't wait for a convenient time to happen, but no matter what they do, The Salvation Army and its volunteers are ready to respond. These volunteers are trained to provide food, water, clothing, and comfort to victims and emergency responders.

Resource Center - Salvation Army



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