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5 Things to Know About the USO Pathfinder Program

The following is taken from Chad Storlie with USAA's "Going Civilian" blog. Chad wrote it so well and provided such good information, we foresaw no need to try and improve upon his work. Thanks Chad and USAA!

"The USO has long been know as the military oriented organization that brings entertainers to deployed locations, the smiling greeters that welcome you with coffee & snacks no matter the hour when your touchdown after deployment, or the well needed rest areas in airports to recharge during a long trip. These are all facets of great USO services, but the USO also has the USO Pathfinder program to assist military personnel in their transition from military service into effective and fulfilling post-military careers.

The purpose of the USO Pathfinder program strives to make transition from military life to civilian life easier and more effective. Sunny Noble, a former military service member and a USO Pathfinder Scout (the volunteers that make the USP Pathfinder program possible) states it best on, “Every time we move, we have to start off fresh, make our own networks and meet new friends, and start to do a lot of research,” she said. “Every time we move, I have to research ‘Where do I go for this? Where do I go for that?’ So, when I heard about the USO transition program, I thought it was great not only for the soldiers, but for the family members. … The USO is really connected to the different community resources.”

The Pathfinder program extends the USO’s mission of connection by assisting service members and their families in achieving their personal and professional goals as they transition from military service and return home to their new communities. With a global network in place, the program connects individuals to the best-in-class services and resources in their new hometown, regardless of where it may be.

The USO Pathfinder program helps service members and military spouses plan for what's next and connects them with the services, opportunities and resources that are the best fit for their successful transition.

The USO Pathfinder program consists of five parts:

Personalized service – The USO Pathfinder mission is delivered by Scouts, USO staff who have a deep knowledge of and connection to the vast ecosystem of services and opportunities available to transitioning service members and military spouses.

Continuity of Care – Scouts support service and family members twelve months before their transition and ensure continuity of care by extending support up to twelve months beyond the service member’s date of separation.

A Holistic Approach – Transition impacts every aspect of a service member and military family’s life. Scouts provide support in the following focus areas: employment, education, financial readiness, veterans benefits, housing, legal, family strength & wellness, and volunteerism.

A Nationwide Network of Networks – The USO Pathfinder program works with best-in-class public and private resources across the nation that offer relevant services to transitioning service members and military spouses.

Powerful Technology – The USO’s digital Action Plan puts comprehensive transition services into the hands of service members and military spouses.

The USO Pathfinder program is a great resource to help plan an effective transition to civilian life and a meaningful stop to make the military-to-civilian transition a success. Going to work, going to school, or unsure what you want to do, the USO Pathfinder program will help make your destination a success."

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